Rainwater Collection Systems

Water is one of the most critical resources we need to survive. Rainwater collection is a simple way for everyone to conserve high quality water and work towards a sustainable future. By harvesting rainwater, we can all bring about significant economic, social and environmental benefits. And it makes sense especially in San Diego. If you have 1000 sq feet of catchment area, every year 6000 gallons of water will shed off your roof and go to waste. Why not capture as much as possible.

The most popular choice among consumers is the rain barrel. These containers are attractive and can hold 50-65 gallons of water each. You can also link two or more barrels together to gain more capacity. These barrels are affordable and let you begin saving water immediately.

We also install narrow, streamlined 75 gallon tanks that fit perfectly along the side of your house or against a fence. These tanks are only 12″ wide and can be linked together to gain more capacity. The Aquadra tank is perfect for small space rain saving!

If its large capacity you want, we have the products to provide you with the ultimate water saving system available. With tanks from 205 gallon – 5000 gallon, and all of the filters, pumps and accesories needed, we can design and install a system to maximize the potential of rain water collection. Think, if you have a 3000 sq foot home, there is about 18,000 gallons water or more going to waste every year.