Leaf and Debris Screens

Keeping leafs and debris out of your gutter system is crucial to its function. It doesn’t take a lot of to debris to stop your gutters from doing their job. Aquatech has researched all types of debris covers to find the most effective and cost effective solutions to offer clients.

Gutter protection has become required in certain California areas for new construction. Recent wildfires taught officials that rain gutters clogged with debris pose a serious fire hazard. The dry material sits next to the roof line of the home in the gutters and is often the first thing to catch fire. Whether you have a newly constructed house or not, you should consider adding covers to your gutters to comply with regulations.

The EZ Lock Gutter Screens keep your gutters draining by keeping out larger debris from your gutter system. This screen is made of steel, which gives the system a strong structural integrity to prevent debris from pushing it down. It is also rust-free. The EZ Lock Gutter Screens lock into your gutters and are fastened with a screw, which prevents them from blowing away. However, the system can be easily removed for cleaning. EZ Lock screen is the least expensive gutter cover and is effective in keeping large debris out of the gutter. These screens will cut down on maintenance, not eliminate the need completely.

LeafBlaster gutter protection system brings gutter guard technology to a whole new level. It’s made from 316 surgical stainless steel mesh and a hardened aluminum extruded drip edge and will fasten easily to the front lip of your gutter and installs on any roof type. LeafBlaster’s unique design makes it low cost because it doesn’t need a metal support frame to hold it up. It uses a series of corrugated “V” bends to create its unusually strong support structure. It handles over 150 inches of hourly rainfall! LeafBlaster keeps out leaves, pine needles and small sand grit from your gutters eliminating gutter cleaning forever!