Seamless Aluminum Gutters

Seamless aluminum gutters are the most popular choice among consumers. Seamless aluminum gutters may be fabricated in various shapes and sizes including a crown moulding style, a sleek box style, and a half round style.

The aluminum coil is pre-painted with a baked on enamel paint finish. The metal is .027″ thick which is the industry standard in this part of the country. These gutters will last a lifetime if installed and maintained properly. And, with over 35 colors to choose, we can make the gutters and downspouts nearly disappear on your home.

Aquatech uses only the strongest hangers available to attach your gutters. We use color matched screws, top of the line Vulkem brand sealants, and a 6 foot level to install your gutters. This ensures the most attractive, leak free aluminum gutter – guaranteed!

Seamless Copper Gutters

Seamless copper gutters are the choice for many discerning consumers in San Diego Copper raingutters may be fabricated in various shapes and sizes including a crown moulding style, a sleek box style, and a half round style. The industry standard for thickness is 16oz however we also carry 20oz product.. Many styles of architecture are complimented by the distinctive look of copper raingutters. Aquatech Raingutters has the materials and skill to install them with timeless beauty.

When it comes to copper gutters, the only way to effectively ensure no leaks is to solder any potential leak such as gutter corners, end caps, and outlets. Soldering copper gutters is an art form in itself and requires lots of experience and training to be done properly. This is why most companies use a sealant with their copper installations. I would recommend to always ask if the estimate includes soldering all of the joints in the gutter or not. This is a very important detail, not to be overlooked.

Whether you’re looking for durability and function, or you’re looking to add a new level of design and uniqueness to your project, copper gutters may be the product you need. Aquatech has proudly installed absolutely the most beautiful copper gutter systems in San Diego, without a doubt!

Custom Shape Gutters

Custom gutters can be made to any specification in nearly any material imaginable. If you can dream it, we can install it. Aquatech has tackled many custom shaped raingutter projects in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, 24oz & 32oz copper, Kynar coated steel, and galvanized or bonderized steel.

Custom gutters can set your project apart from the rest by offering a completely unique design, unlike any of the neighbors.

Leaf and Debris Screens

Keeping leafs and debris out of your gutter system is crucial to its function. It doesn’t take a lot of to debris to stop your gutters from doing their job. Aquatech has researched all types of debris covers to find the most effective and cost effective solutions to offer clients.

Gutter protection has become required in certain California areas for new construction. Recent wildfires taught officials that rain gutters clogged with debris pose a serious fire hazard. The dry material sits next to the roof line of the home in the gutters and is often the first thing to catch fire. Whether you have a newly constructed house or not, you should consider adding covers to your gutters to comply with regulations.

The EZ Lock Gutter Screens keep your gutters draining by keeping out larger debris from your gutter system. This screen is made of steel, which gives the system a strong structural integrity to prevent debris from pushing it down. It is also rust-free. The EZ Lock Gutter Screens lock into your gutters and are fastened with a screw, which prevents them from blowing away. However, the system can be easily removed for cleaning. EZ Lock screen is the least expensive gutter cover and is effective in keeping large debris out of the gutter. These screens will cut down on maintenance, not eliminate the need completely.

LeafBlaster gutter protection system brings gutter guard technology to a whole new level. It’s made from 316 surgical stainless steel mesh and a hardened aluminum extruded drip edge and will fasten easily to the front lip of your gutter and installs on any roof type. LeafBlaster’s unique design makes it low cost because it doesn’t need a metal support frame to hold it up. It uses a series of corrugated “V” bends to create its unusually strong support structure. It handles over 150 inches of hourly rainfall! LeafBlaster keeps out leaves, pine needles and small sand grit from your gutters eliminating gutter cleaning forever!


Gutterglove Gutterguard is a highly advanced gutter protection system offering several amazing functions. This gutter guard will filter out all debris from your gutter eliminating gutter cleaning forever. Gutterglove recently was tested by consumer reports and received the best scores out of any gutter guard! Gutterglove is virtually indestructible and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Gutterglove Pro and Gutterglove Ultra consist of two components, a perforated aluminum channel and type 316 stainless steel mesh. The stainless steel mesh is glued into grooves along both sides of each 5 foot aluminum channel section. It installs on any existing gutter. Gutterglove’s specifications were designed so that it simply slips under the roof shingles and fits snuggly to the front lip of your gutter.

Aluminum Channel Frame:
The extruded aluminum support frame is anodized to further protect itself from the environment and to make it more adaptable to be installed on a copper gutter. The anodizing process converts the aluminum surface into an extremely hard, durable, corrosion resistant, long-lasting aluminum oxide finish. Anodized aluminum is used around the world as highly durable exteriors in commercial buildings such as one of the world’s tallest buildings, the Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois. Gutterglove is the ONLY gutter guard in existence that uses an anodized extruded aluminum profile.

Stainless Steel Mesh:
The super-strong type 316 stainless steel mesh allows more than 150 inches of hourly rainfall to filter through to your gutter. Type 316 is molybdenum-bearing austenitic stainless steel which is more resistant to general corrosion and pitting/crevice corrosion than the conventional chromium nickel austenitic lower quality stainless steels such at types 302 and 304 or any other standard stainless steel alloys. The pots and pans manufacturers that are highly promoted at home and garden shows for their non-corrosive attributes are only type 304 stainless steel. The 316 alloy offers higher creep, stress-to-rupture and tensile strength at elevated temperatures. It also resists attack of marine and corrosive industrial atmospheres which makes it an ideal component for Gutterglove.

Whatever your budget allows, we have a product to help you cut down or eliminate gutter maintenance.

Rainwater Collection Systems

Water is one of the most critical resources we need to survive. Rainwater collection is a simple way for everyone to conserve high quality water and work towards a sustainable future. By harvesting rainwater, we can all bring about significant economic, social and environmental benefits. And it makes sense especially in San Diego. If you have 1000 sq feet of catchment area, every year 6000 gallons of water will shed off your roof and go to waste. Why not capture as much as possible.

The most popular choice among consumers is the rain barrel. These containers are attractive and can hold 50-65 gallons of water each. You can also link two or more barrels together to gain more capacity. These barrels are affordable and let you begin saving water immediately.

We also install narrow, streamlined 75 gallon tanks that fit perfectly along the side of your house or against a fence. These tanks are only 12″ wide and can be linked together to gain more capacity. The Aquadra tank is perfect for small space rain saving!

If its large capacity you want, we have the products to provide you with the ultimate water saving system available. With tanks from 205 gallon – 5000 gallon, and all of the filters, pumps and accesories needed, we can design and install a system to maximize the potential of rain water collection. Think, if you have a 3000 sq foot home, there is about 18,000 gallons water or more going to waste every year

Gutter Maintenance

Aquatech Raingutters provides clients with a reliable maintenance program. Gutters and downspouts require regular maintenance in order to continue working properly year in and year out. Even without the presence of leaf trees, your gutters still need to be checked regularly to ensure proper function. Gutter maintenance can be dangerous and should be left to the professionals. Let us keep your gutters working properly without the hassle of getting up on a ladder and getting dirty. We will set you up on a regular schedule determined by your particular needs and environment. Maintenance plans can be set up with your new gutter installation or for your existing gutters.

Aluminum Patio Covers

Aquatech now installs Alumawood patio covers. Get the shade you want with a maintenance free material that looks just like real wood. There are several colors to choose from, and the best part is the material will never deteriorate like real wood…no termite damage, wood rot, and never paint again.

Alumawood patio covers are now better than ever with the newest, toughest paint system ever – Aluma-ShieldSM with Teflon® surface protector available exclusively for Alumawood patio covers. This proprietary formula provides homeowners:

-Washability of a semi-gloss finish and the decorative appeal of a matte finish -Surface that repels oil, dirt, dust and stains, making it easy to keep clean -Protection from UV, salt, pollution and weathering for a long-lasting, beautiful new look -Durable surface that resists chalking, fading, cracks, peels, warps and termites

Radius Gutters

An important architectual detail such as a rounded turret should have curved gutter, instead of short pieces cut and soldered together. Our radius gutters are sold in 7’6″ sections. Ogee, 1/2 round and box gutter can be formed in 32 ounce copper and then curved to your specs. Inside or outside and even vertical radius can be formed. Materials available are aluminum, copper, and steel. See to order.